Democracy strengthening interventions:

africans participate in democratic elections

Founded in 1998, BiRD has developed a universal approach with the inclusion of international and local experts, all of whom have gained project and field experience in their respective areas of specialisation.

Strengthening democratic principles and institutions are at the core of BiRD’s philosophy.

africans participate in democratic elections

International Consulting for Development and Good Governance

The Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy GmbH is an independent, privately owned consulting company committed to providing high-quality advisory services and technical assistance for the strengthening of democratic institutions, structures and processes.

Having been among the pioneers to specialise in the increasingly important governance sector, BiRD's activities and fields of expertise nowadays encompass all aspects of democratic governance, institutional reform, capacity building of governance institutions and non-state actors, civic education, conflict prevention and management as well as electoral assistance.

Our interventions take the form of studies, assessments, evaluations, project identification, design and formulation studies, awareness raising campaigns and technical assistance, both short-term and long-term.

With over 2000 affiliated consultants spread all over the globe, we also specialise in the assembly of expert teams on short notice to fulfill desired project specifications.

Our team of permanent staff and our associated experts approach projects in an interdisciplinary, participatory and socially responsible manner, with a strong emphasis on information exchange, critical analysis, team building, the application of tailored methodologies and the achievement of sustainable results.

With the experience gained in a wide variety of projects over more than a decade, BiRD has reached out from its traditional base in sub-Saharan Africa to provide its consulting services in many countries formerly referred to as the Third World, but also in transition countries in Europe.

Our pro-active approach to providing project management services puts the delivery of sustainable benefits to all BiRD clients, on top of our agenda. Lean management structures and direct and open lines of communication guarantee a high degree of flexibility in the achievement of our client’s objectives.