Burkina Faso

Democracy Assessment Study


BiRD-Bureau for Institutional
Reform and Democracy


Implementing Agency Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy GmbH
Financing Agency
Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany)
Start-Completion 04/2002 - 04/2002
Staff-months 2/1
Partner N/A
Project Background

Burkina Faso introduced a democratic system in 1991. However, despite regular elections, Burkina Faso remained more or less a façade democracy without substantial change for years. Burkina Faso has become one of five case studies of "blocked democracies", financed by the KAS.
Project Objectives The study examined the reasons for blockages, their root causes and how to deal with the phenomenon in Burkina Faso and in development policy in general.
The democracy assessment covered relevant questions such as the separation of powers, participation, human rights issues, civil and political rights, freedom of the press, political culture, social questions, etc.
Project Activities Assessment Study / consultancy