Capacity Building for Civil Society

The beauty of civil society is its diversity. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations (CBOs), economic and social associations, bar associations, the churches, unions, and political parties represent the organised parts of society. They are the linkage to the grassroots.

Civil society can play a crucial role in improving citizen's awareness of democracy and particularly in the electoral process with civic and voter education campaigns. Capacity building for civil society therefore becomes relevant for improved participation of the people in the political process.

Undemocratic regimes and state failure constitute a particular challenge for societies. The strengthening of the performance of human rights and advocacy groups may then become highly significant. In cases of state failure or the imminence of state failure, civil society groups may remain the only functioning and credible structures and may even take the
place of the state in the provision of basic infrastructure. Assistance to civil society
then needs a special approach.

It is BiRD 's objective to assist civil society in capacity building as well as to support
relevant programmes. In this context, the promotion of women groups has become
a cornerstone of assistance to civil society.