Fostering democratisation at the beginning of the 21st century

Institutional Reform

  • Constitutional and legal systems reform
  • Consultation and training for democratic institutions (governments at various levels, parliaments and the judiciary)
  • Decentralisation and administrative reform

Electoral Assistance

  • Preparation and management of elections, including training of electoral officials, production of manuals, consultation and support to electoral commissions throughout all the phases of the electoral process
  • Reform of electoral law
  • Monitoring and observation, co-ordination of observer groups

State Performance

  • Implementing principles of good governance
  • Enhancement of human rights and the rule of law
  • Promoting transparency and accountability
  • Anti-corruption measures

Civil Society Support

  • Capacity building for civil society groups (political parties, interest groups, non-governmental organisations)
  • Promoting the respect of gender issues
  • Civic education
  • Assisting the media in democratic reporting
  • Strengthening the performance of human rights and advocacy groups

Conflict Prevention & Peace Building

  • Crisis prevention and crisis management
  • Research on conflicts
  • Screening and evaluation of conflict potential (on project, country, and regional basis)
  • Strategies and concepts for conflict prevention in development co-operation
  • Streamlining concepts in international agencies (training courses)
  • Development of practical tools (dealing with early warning, conflict analysis, conflict impact assessment)
  • Elaboration of conflict prevention-sensitive programming instruments and strategy framework
  • Demobilisation and concepts for reintegration
  • Advice on post-conflict reconstruction