North West Somalia (Somaliland)

Project Design/Feasibility for Support to Municipal/District Elections in North West Somalia


BiRD-Bureau for Institutional
Reform and Democracy


Implementing Agency Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy GmbH
Financing Agency
EC Delegation Kenya
Start-Completion 09/2002 - 09/2002
Staff-months 1/1
Partner N/A
Project Background

North West Somalia (Somaliland) is in a state of transition from traditional to more democratic rule. In May 2001, Somaliland underwent the first direct elections in 35 years, when the people voted in a constitutional referendum, organised by the independent Somaliland Electoral Commission. None of the Commission’s members had previously worked in the electoral field. To further the democratic process, municipal and district elections had been scheduled for October 2002.

Project Objectives To determine the kind and extent of support the Somaliland Electoral Commission might need, the EC Delegation in Kenya/ Somalia Unit contracted BiRD to conduct a feasibility study. This study furthermore served to examine the intended timeframe and the work already undertaken in preparation of the elections.
Project Activities Feasibility Study
Project Design