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Slovak Republic
2002 - 2003

Public Awareness Campaign Aimed at Lowering People's Tolerance towards Corrupt Behaviour: (more...)

North West Somalia (Somaliland)
October - December 2002

Support to the Electoral Commission: Based on the feasibility study prepared by BiRD's expert (cp. below), a team of two senior election experts, one of them contracted by BiRD, was based in Hargheisa to implement the European support programme throughout the months of October, November, and December 2002 (more...)

September - October 2002

Evaluation of the National Civic Education Programme: A team of three experts evaluated the multi-donor National Civic Education Programme in Kenya, contracted by USAid. For this study, BiRD cooperated with a Kenyan consulting company (more...)

North West Somalia (Somaliland)
September 2002

Project Design/ Feasibility for Support to Municipal/ District Elections in North West Somalia: Preparation of a feasibility study for the European Commission in order to help design a viable project for implementation within the given timeframe to support the local elections. The study further served to assist the Somaliland Electoral Commission prepare a strategic plan, the programming of their funding and assess the preparatory work undertaken so far (more...)

April - May 2002

Capacity Assessment of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR): A team of BiRD's Senior Programme Officer Markus Brunner and two Nigerian consultants prepared a Capacity Assessment Study of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Abuja, Nigeria, which shall hold an important position within the Strategic Conflict Assessment (SCA) (more...)

April - May 2002

Final Evaluation of the EU Project "Support to the General Elections in Mozambique in 1999": A team of two experts conducted an ex-post evaluation of the European support to the 1999 General Elections in Mozambique to assess the implementation of the various components of the election support programme. One of the main goals was to determine whether the Electoral Commission needed further support in future elections (more...)

Burkina Faso
April 2002

Democracy Assessment Study: A thorough assessment study of the democratic process in Burkina Faso as one of five case studies of "blocked democracies” financed by the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation (more...)