Slovak Republic

Public Awareness Campaign Aimed at Lowering People's Tolerance towards Corrupt Behaviour


BiRD-Bureau for Institutional
Reform and Democracy


Implementing Agency Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy GmbH
Financing Agency
European Commission (Phare)
Start-Completion 03/2002 11/2003
Staff-months 1/9, 1/8, 2/7
Partners GCI (Brussels/ Belgium), Markant (Bratislava/ Slovak Republic)
Project Background

It has been acknowledged that corruption is a major problem in the Slovak Republic. It is regarded as a systemic problem with continued corrosive effects on both the political and economic levels. The government's National Programme of Fight against Corruption is supported by the European Commission with 5.5 Mio Euro. This awareness campaign is part of this comprehensive National Programme.

Project activities included:
- Conducting of four surveys to serve as a basis for the awareness campaign and to measure the campaign's impact;
- Development of an anti-corruption communications concept (in co-operation with a creative team), implementation of a national media campaign;
- Visits to institutions with high incidence rates of corruption (in co-operation with local NGOs);
- Visits to secondary schools and discussions with students on the issue of corruption (in co-operation with local NGOs);
- Production of video spots, based on the media campaign, and of a corresponding manual for use in schools etc.;
- Design and production of information materials on anti-corruption measures and authorities;
- Organisation of a conference on "How to Eliminate Corruption from the Slovak Business Environment?";
- Three TV debates on the issue of corruption, with the active involvement of project staff;
- Various contacts with the media (press conferences and briefings, etc.).

Project Objectives The project’s main objective was to decrease corruption and tolerance of corruption in state and society. It aimed at creating awareness of the existence of corruption in its various forms (every-day "petty" corruption as well as high-level corruption) and of its negative impact. It further aimed at informing the public about what can be done if confronted with corruption and who to turn to.
Project Activities

Technical Assistance