Consultancy Services for the National Electoral Commission in Tanzania


BiRD-Bureau for Institutional
Reform and Democracy


Implementing Agency Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy GmbH
Financing Agency European Commission - EDF
Start-Completion 06/2000 11/2000
Staff-months 3/4 + 1/1
Partner National Election Commission (NEC)
Project Background

Multiparty democracy was introduced to Tanzania in 1992 after more than 25 years of one-party rule. The National Electoral Commission (NEC) was formally established in January 1993 with responsibility for elections of the Union Presidency, the Parliament and mainland local government posts. Multiparty elections have been conducted at village and local government level (1994) and to the Union Presidency and Parliament (1995). The NEC was responsible for the administration of the elections. To this end, it employed 126,000 temporary electoral officers who required training and relevant manuals. Moreover, guides for political parties and candidates had to be produced.
Project Objectives Key elements for the conduct of the organisation of elections were to be made available to the National Election Commission (NEC). The team should assist the NEC in the evaluation of training schemes and training methods, and fully supply NEC with relevant training materials, mainly training guides for all election officers and political parties.
Project Activities Technical Assistance
Results - The NEC was fully and timely supplied with five different manuals and nine different forms for the registration period of August 2000 as well as for the general elections in October 2000 (Presidency, Parliament and local government). Respecting a very tight schedule for election manuals for printing, BiRD, in co-operation with a local printer, supplied NEC with 234,000 copies of five different manuals; 
- After the evaluation of the training for the registration by means of a survey conducted by BiRD's team among election officers, NEC adjusted its training according to the recommendations made by the team;
- Capacity building for the NEC for future election activities has been achieved.